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There's a New Style in Town!

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Amazing Feather Touch Foam Air-Lite Styling will enhance all types of hair. It gives you endless styles, controls frizz and thick unruly curly hair. It even brings body to fine thin hair. Our mousse even contains reparative ingredients for damaged hair. Silk Amino Acid strengthens weak hair and moisturizer helps dry hair. Sunscreen agents protect your hair. Exceptionally effective and safe. Economical, 300% more applications, than equal volume aerosol mousse. Improves condition and appearance.

DO NOT SHAKE. Holding bottle upright, pump to dispense Amazing Feather Touch Foam Air-Lite Styling Mousse. Apply four to five pumps to towel-dried hair. For more volume, concentrate especially at roots. Use to crunch hair for a more tousled look. Style as desired.

About your 2oz Travel Size Air-Lite Styling Mousse.

  • 180 pumps or applications in 2oz Foamer Bottle.
  • Four to five pumps are about average per style, depending on hair amount. Which gives you a 45-50 day supply.
  • Air-Lite Foam weights 1/100 of an oz per pump. Cost: .05 @ 4-5 per style = 20 to 25 cents per style.
  • Our TALKIN' CLEAN Deep Cleansing Shampoo Treatment would cost you about .60 cents per shampoo.
  • Style & Shampoo Treatment total cost: 85 cents. (time, gas and salon cost: about $50 dollars) You just saved $49.15

For more information email info@hairhits.com or visit www.hairhits.com and Ask The Pros. Backed by more than a half a century of experience in crafting exceptional hair products and product knowledge. https://hairhits.com/product/air-lite-styling-mousse-travel-size

Thank you for trying our Air-Lite Styling Mousse!
USP standard ingredients.

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Amazing Feather-light Foam Styling Mousse

Our product weighs almost nothing, you are not putting back in your hair what Talkin' Clean Eliminator Deep Cleansing Shampoo just took out.

Did you know one of the biggest problems with your hair & scalp is the weight of regularly used styling products that cause accumulation of build up and residue? Nature you can't prevent, but you can choose your hair care products carefully.

Exclusive Hair Hits haircare AMAZING Styling Mousse is great. Try our travel size for free if you are one of the next 100 to order!

Did you know that regularly using some hair styling products weigh down your hair, and may help cause hair loss, thinning hair and scalp irritations?

Our Amazing Mousse contains a special liquid mousse formula. As you press the pump down, you'll see Amazing Styling Mousse Foam, lighter than a feather and 141.05 times lighter than styling creams, lotions, paste.

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We Deliver What Your Hair Needs!

Talkin' Clean Eliminator Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Did you know the hair & styling products used by 109.24 Million people a year cause hair residue builds up?

It is left on your hair shafts by creams, gels, lotions, paste and heavy styling mouse. Hair Hits Talkin’ Clean Clarifying hair & scalp Shampoo Treatment will help remove any dirt oils & hair residue deep down into hair and scalp.

The Solution: Talkin' Clean Eliminator Deep Cleansing Shampoo

You'll literally be Talkin' Clean to your friends. Our shampoo does just that, it eliminates everything you don't want in your hair.

Additionally what Talkin' Clean Eliminator Deep Cleaning takes out our AMAZING Feather Lite Foam Styling Mousse does not put back in.

Why would you pay for a shampoo treatment @ $50 each that will remove build up & residue from your hair, then before you finished your appointment most likely it will be, put back in your hair?

We Deliver What Your Hair Needs!

Love Your Hair. Share the Love. Start Talking and email info@hairhits.com for more information on how to Earn $1000 or more Cash Back per month and how to receive your code. Share with Family, Friends, Anyone.Word of Mouth, is the best advertising any company can reveive. We would rather pay our customers that use our products, to be our advertising arm. So Strat Talking, form a Referral Word Of Mouth Team and a bottle in every home as our goal. It will spred like wild fire, Cash Back check just keep growing.

Save money on the products you already use and love!  The best beauty secrets are meant to be shared—and rewarded! Invest and start talking! Unlimited cash back opportunity in three easy steps:

  1. Your hair will do the talking!
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Better hair days ahead for your friends, and more cash for you—we call that an out-strand-ing deal.

Here's Why People Love Our Hair Hits Hair Care ProLine Products

Creative Styling Mousse

Doesn't weigh my hair down, very light. Very Economical to use. Makes styling my hair very easy to do."

— Sue Rider

Creative Styling Mousse

I've used this Mousse since it first came out. Works great on my short hair. Never run out I always have one bottle and a spare."

— Joyce Herron

Creative Styling Mousse

Holds my style great til my next shampoo. I've used it several years. My stylist uses it on my hair in the Salon as well."

— Erna Hall

Creative Styling Mousse

I love this Mousse, it's a miracle for me to use. I've been using it 4 years- one bottle usually last 6 months."

— Carol Koch

Hair Hits Hair Stress Leave-In Conditioner

My hair is short so a bottle will last almost a year. It smells so good- think I'll use it as an aftershave too".

— David Smiley

Hair Hits Hair Stress Leave-In Conditioner

I buy it all the time."

— Melinda Girt

Hair Hits Hair Stress Products Travel Kit

I've used the XXXtreme Hair Spray in this kit and it's so handy when I travel. The Shampoo & Conditioner in the kit are just the right size. I've purchased several travel kits for gifts too."

— Annie Cook

Hair Hits XXXtreme Hair Spray

Lisa is a repeat customer of this product since her first time trying it.

— Lisa Blair

Creative Styling Mousse

My stylist uses this mousse on my hair in the salon and it works great for my hair so on a product promotion, I bought some for home use and really like it and plan to continue."

— Gloria Wester

Creative Styling Mousse

I tried this mousse and it really works wonders on my hair and my ability to style it at home between salon trips. I will buy it again."

— Judy Crossman

Creative Styling Mousse

I love it!! It gives my normally flat and fine hair a lot of height. This Mousse makes styling my hair myself so much easier, I would definitely recommend it. Glad I bought it and plan to continue to."

— Darlene McCurdy

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C U S T O M I Z E D    F O R M U L A T I O N

Using our patented blend of high-quality ingredients, our Creative Styling Mousse is working 24/7 to serve your hair well - protecting every strand against damage and breakage. Hair Hits professional-grade haircare products beautify the hair and give your clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

What are USP Ingredients and Why Do We Use Them?
USP designated ingredients meet or exceed standards of purity set by the United States Pharmacopeia making them the highest quality grade.

We are so sure you will be pleased with our products that they come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Twelve Ways Our Mousse Is the Best!

  1. Silk Amino Acid nourishment - strenthens, repairs & maintains
  2. Great for all types of hair
  3. Economical
  4. Safe, non-aerosol
  5. Endless styles
  6. Controls frizz without that sticky feel
  7. Great on unruly or thick curly hair
  8. Gives more body to thin, fine hair
  9. Helps replace moisture in dry hair
  10. Helps repair damaged hair
  11. Sunscreen protection
  12. Order Now! $29.95, and includes a bonus 2oz travel size can

"Keep On Stylin"

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