Fortified Custom Blend #2 Conditioning Moisturizing Hair & SkinTreatment! /w – Wheat Keratin Amino Acid and Collagen helps strengthen hair and permote hair growth. softens dry skin, flexibility anti-wrinkling.


Hair Hits by Nancy Myers

Nancy Myers has made it a mission to giving you the newfound confidence you deserve by creating the luscious locks you've always wanted. With Hair Hits’ own line of Custom Designed Formulated hair care products, having healthy, vibrant hair has never been easier or more affordable to attain. Hair Hits hair care products, such as our Talkin’ Clean shampoo, is now available online!

Nancy Myers has been a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother, that same love, care, and dedication are evident in the Hair Hits line of hair care products. One of the highest quality concentrated shampoo on the market today. Talkin' Clean with its, gentleness , deep cleaning action, and no eye irritations, you can tell that our Talkin’ Clean shampoo was designed with a mother’s touch.

So what are you waiting for? Give your hair the love and affection it deserves with Hair Hits hair care products by Nancy Myers