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Turning drab to fab, ruined to robust, and frizzy to finesse, our professional haircare product developers and Custom Designed Formula team have the knowledge and skills to turn most damaged hair problems into no problem at all!

What are USP Ingredients and Why Do We Use Them?
USP designated ingredients meet or exceed standards of purity set by the United States Pharmacopeia making them the highest quality grade.

If you have questions about the quality of your hair and how to provide treatment, contact our salon services team now. We’ll create a treatment protocol using our patented line of Hair Hits professional haircare products. Working as a team, we’ll beautifully revitalize your locks.


Talkin' Clean POWER PACK Hair Treatment,

If your hair is frizzy, has dry split-ends, is thin or fine, or is chemically treated or processed in any way, then you have damaged hair. To quickly address damaged hair before finding a treatment protocol with our Hair Hits Pros, we recommend the following steps:

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1. Give your hair a gentle shampooing, using a deep cleansing quality shampoo (remember: fragile hair needs to be treated as such!)

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2. Apply a high-quality conditioning treatment

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3. Use a cap, and let hair set for 3 to 5 minutes

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4. Rinse thoroughly, but gently

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