Hair Hits Moisture Care Conditioner – working on your chemically processed hair – 4oz 


Custom-designed moisture care conditioner formula for chemically treated hair. Adds moisture, shine and manageability. Helps color last longer. The gentle action of this product will do all of this and more.


Softening, moisturizing conditioner leaves hair smooth and lustrous. Protein smooths and strengthens the cuticle, allowing greater elasticity. The effects are dramatic as the anti-static agents reduce fly-away hair. Dry scalp conditions are eliminated as the conditioner restores moisture balance to the hair and scalp. Leaves hair supple and tangle free. “Instant” conditioning for coarse, dry or brittle hair. Increased shine and richer color due to the lower pH of the formula. Softening effects last 24 to 72 hours. Positive effects on certain types of dandruff due to ability to soften hair and skin. Helps protect from UV rays,


Your hair will thank you! Look great and make your hair more manageable.

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After shampooing, gently apply conditioner evenly and thoroughly. Gently massage the hair. Leave on hair for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well.

Ingredients: Deionized water, USP, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cety Alcohol USP (coconut), Citric Acid USP (fruit), DMDM Hydantoin, pH 3.0 +/- 1,0 Fragrance ALMOND EXTRACT Color: White, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (New Color Gold)
CAUTION: Avoid contact with the eyes; if contact occurs, rinse with water