About Us

the idea was born...


   in 2012 when founder, Nancy Myers, decided after 45 years in the hair industry that customers needed something more...  she wanted to sell direct, affordable, high-quality professional haircare products online, with no shipping charges on Frist Class or Reg Mail. with only the best ingredients. our Hair Hits haircare line is custom designed for all women to make you look and feel your best! all of our products use USP standard ingredients and are highly-concentrated, rich in vitamin a & e, keratin, and omegas to help protect and rebuild hair

did you know??? 

whether you have straight, curly, colored, dry, oily, fine, course or thick.  All hair  is  made of the same material and 91% is protein called keratin, derived from silk amino acid.  Hair Hits Haircare is here to help all women and men with their hair needs.
we make all of our products in the usa in factories ran by people we know and trust! from our very first day, we’ve always tried to make decisons that our customers could be proud of. we’ve never use ingredients from animal sources or tested on animals.

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