Big Save Refill Program

 Trial Offer First - IF YOU LIKE IT, Then Go For The BIG SAVE!



Hair Hits BIG SAVE REFILL PROGRAM offers you an opportunity to save up to 75% on all Hair Hits' custom formulated, professional shampoos, conditioners and styling products. This affords you an opportunity to enjoy Hair Hits' professional products in a smaller size first, to make sure they do the job.

This saves you money while trying to find the product that works. Plus, big saving of up to 75% on refills!

Our products reduce plastic bottle use, last longer, and cost far less.

Enjoy super savings on orders of Hair Hits' professional haircare products while also helping to preserve the world's oceans and making the world a cleaner place for all to live. "Trust Is Something Built - It Just Doesn't Happen"

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