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 HAIR STRESS LEAVE IN TREATMENT SPRAY has been fortified with Silk Amino Acids to help repair damaged weak dry hair and transform brittle hair into silky, soft shiny hair lock in moisture and reduce  breakage. 

STOP CLARIFYING!!! Often times clarifying shampoos and cleanses are recommended to help give your hair a boost and remove product build-up, and while it is okay to still use them once in a while we highly recommend not using them regularly. Instead, substitute them out for a hydrating/moisturizing shampoo/conditioner to replenish moisture loss. 

Give it a five star treatment! So you pamper your face, feet and hands with masks, why not your hair?! Applying a mask 1-2x monthly during colder months is one of the best things you can do for your hair; and if you use heat tools regularly or chemicals (color, highlight, perm, blowout, etc) you should already be doing this. The Style You Wear Is Up To You Because You Like it We Like It To! 

Use a leave-in protein spray on your hair to help prevent breakage before styling, to help seal the cuticle! 

Is it time for a fresh cut or new style? Keeping your hair trimmed and healthy is very important because your ends experience the most heat and chemical stress, causing them to break and dry out easier.

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